About Us

Modern Art Gallery is located in the area adjoining Kashmere Gate Monument which is at the fringe of the Walled City of Shahajahanbad. The Gallery represents the numerous layers of contemporary colors which have resulted in a rich, eclectic and vibrant, mix on canvas and paper.

Our Endeavour is aimed at supporting talented Artists to exhibit works and also to expose to aesthetic series of Art, as also provide them with an opportunity for investing in Art. The venture combines the Financial Business Acumen of the Gallery with a desire to fill that emotional void.

Since its inception , Modern Art Gallery (MAG) has promoted contemporary Indian art through exhibitions, Charity  programs, Joint Launches etc. The Gallery works in close proximity with SATHI  a telemedicine NGO which is a Registered Society 2004, with focus on promoting Telemed & Healthcare Informatics.

Over the last few years, the gallery has become the locus through which the works of both modern and contemporary artists have reached the public. By selling these works at Exhibitions MAG donates generously to these programs. MAG’s position as an artistic interlocutor with the public  healthcare is especially vital in Central Delhi India because of the lack of any such Gallery in close vicinity.


It has been an exciting time working closely with some of India’s finest artists from different generations. We have had a long track record with the Bengal Artists like Subrata Gangopadhya, Kishor Roy, Krishnendu Porel, J P Dutta, Subrata Das and the younger generation of Parthashee Chanda, Dubyendu Ukil, Shyamal  Mukherjee , Ajay Bhowmik  etc.

Artists from Central India like Vivek Anjaan,Hemraj,Basant Bhargav,Somnath Singh etc are also promoted by the Gallery.

We also promote Women Artists like Vandana Dubey,Arshi and Ritu Goyal.Sunita our star sculptor also deserves special mention.

We have a special collection of Senior Artists like Aziz, Suryaprakash ,Vaikuntham , Niladri Paul, Laxma Gaur, Ganga Tharan, Ramesh Gorjala, Rama Suresh ,Nagesh Gaud  from South India

Art, lately, is emerging as an alternate Avenue of Investment.

The Gallery had a huge collection since years even before its official launch.To know about