About Us

Modern Art Gallery is located the area-adjoining Kashmere Gate Monument, which is at the fringe of the Walled City of Shahajahanbad. The Gallery represents the numerous layers of contemporary colors, which have resulted in a rich, eclectic and vibrant, mix on canvas and paper. Our Endeavour is aimed at supporting talented Artists to exhibit works and to expose to aesthetic series of Art.

Since its inception, Modern Art Gallery (MAG) has promoted contemporary Indian art through exhibitions, Charity programs, Joint Launches etc. Over the last few years, the gallery has become the locus through which the works of both modern and contemporary artists have reached the public. MAG’s position as an artistic interlocutor with the public is especially vital in Central and North Delhi because of the lack of any such Gallery in close vicinity.

The artists we featured are diverse, in their own style of painting, yet all of them somehow seem to deal in discovering Indian mythology or life of the common man. At the gallery we get to delve into each art, considering the subject matter, message or over all mood of the work. We can, when looking closely, even examine some of the materials and techniques used to help create the work that first caught our eye.

It has been an exciting time working closely with some of India’s finest artists from different generations. Our gallery houses works of some Indian masters such as Lalu Prasad Shaw, Jogen Chowdhury and MH Hussain. We have had a long track record with the Senior Artists such as Thota Vaikuntham, Subrata Gangopadhya, Lalu Prasad Shaw, Shyamal Mukherjee, Parish Maity, Vijender Sharma, Biplab Biswas, Laxma Gaud and Ramesh Gorjala, who are also internationally acclaimed. Furthermore, we continuously aim to promote and support talented Indian artists such as Somnath Singh, Ajay Bhowmik, Madhuri Bhaduri and others through our platforms.

Our Collection

In a fast paced, stressed out life of an urban dweller, there must be a place to retreat a quiet corner where one can connect with the divine nature.

A place where one hears celestial whispers. Presenting artworks of Nagesh Gaud and Ramesh Gorjala, with their sensitive and detailed mythological portrayals of various Indian gods and goddesses and their narratives by contemporizing the Kalamkari techniques in a manner that is both delicate and intricate. The portrayal of the holy place Varanasi, and the “Rasleela” between Radha and Krishna by Biplab Biswas, fall in line with our effort of presenting celestial whispers.

We further our collection of figurative works by Lalu Prasad Shaw’s portyal of the Bengali man and woman, Jogen Chowdhury’s “Untitled” ink, Thota Vaikuntams “Telangana Couple” and Subrato Gangopadhyas “Dancing Girls”. The abstract art showcases the heavenly skies by Paresh Maity, the eternal beauty by Shampa Sircar, the birds by Farhad Hussain and nature in its bloom by Madhuri Bhaduri.

Our gallery also houses sculptures, brass and fiber glass figures, and photography by renowned artists such as Hari Kadam and Gunjan. Our sculptures have been installed at various restaurants and institutions across the country.