Aziz has pioneered the use of a unique, masterly technique of creating ‘three dimensional reliefs’ on canvas. A combination of color, depth and granularity define this particular genre. The masterful blending of paint and oil-explained as a “suitable expression of my inner self” -is not confined to any set pattern, nor does it reside in any particular school of expression. Rather, Aziz’s works and media used-watercolors, oils and charcoals-have a unique appeal that evolves of out of the amount of detail in them.

His work is generally executed on canvas. Plaster of Paris mixed with Zinc oxide is brought to required consistency and applied on pretreatd canvas. A knife is used to sculpt and work on the texture and consistency of the subject. The finished relief is painted with oil paints to bring about the profundity of a three dimensional effect. This technique is a blend of painting and sculpture which has been developed and mastered by Aziz.

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Horses  73X43 INCH

Horses 73X43 INCH

POP Glue Zinc Oxide and Oil for Horses on Canvas..


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