Golmei Gondopu

Golmei Gondopu

In painting art, Golmei Gandumpu is among the Manipur tribal who occupies a prominent place in the field. He is such an artiste who brought laurels for the state in many national and international level art exhibitions.

Beginning of his career

Born Imphal , Golmei Gandumpu has a great passion for painting since childhood days. As his passion was mainly confined to the domain of painting art. He graduated from DM college of Arts.

While studying in Class VI, has enrolled himself at Manipur Art College in 1981. He followed the stint with thirteen years of dedicated training, honing his skills, till he graduated with a diploma of Fine Art (Painting) from Imphal Art College in 1993.

Golmei is a lover of Manipuri culture and always tries to depict the indigenous features on his canvass. At the small confines of his work shed located at Keikhu, he works with a gentle stroke with his brush to the painting. One can see over 50 paintings depicting different themes, most importantly the Kabui culture. The painting works which come out from Golmei’s small work set have won high public accolades and could bring laurels for the state when displayed at many national and international level exhibitions.

The small work shed is Gomei’s world of painting art and new fangled ideas and experiments cordon him when he sets his foot inside the room.

The work which depicts a myriad of colours based on traditional Kabui dance is a series of painting the 45-year-old artist has been employing to create a signature blend of creativity, imagination, talent and most importantly devotion. Majority of his works captures folk dancers in movement thereby creating a distinctive style and treatment.

Apart from Kabui dance, he works includes Manipuri pung cholom, Maibi dance, Polo etc. His paintings have great demand outside.

His focus on paintings to soothe human mind

He said that three of his paintings were selected to be presented as gifts when the former Prime Minister of India and Sonia Gandhi last visited the state. d from all across the country for this exhibition.

Awards and honours

The artistic passion of Gondumpu is not confined to painting only. Once he worked as the art director of the critically acclaimed Manipuri film Mami Sami.

As art director in film

In 2010, he could bag first prize in the VIII Manipur State Art Exposition organised by the Manipur State Kala Academy. It was followed by with similar win at the 4th Annual Art Exhibition conducted by the Arts Society, Manipur. However, one of the first awards that have vividly remained in his memories is the consolation prize he had won as a child at the World Children Art Exhibition held at Korea in 1981.

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